Use cases

Maximizing Business Growth with Mobile Proxies and Data Collection

Discover how mobile proxies and data collection can transform your business. Learn about innovative use cases that drive competitive advantage, enhance market research, and personalize customer experiences. Dive into the future of data-driven success today.


Monitor rivals across various regions with live eCommerce data to uncover details about products, pricing, customer opinions, and beyond!


Analyze pricing on rival websites, observe how consumers research and organize their travels, and anticipate upcoming trends in the travel sector.

Market Research

Gain a profound insight into your target market, forecast upcoming trends, and develop superior products leveraging web data for market analysis.

Social Media for Marketing

Perfect your social media marketing skills, design more intelligent campaigns, stay ahead of emerging trends, and gain real-time insights into your customers' journey.

Real Estate

Gather real estate information to predict market movements, enhance investment strategies, perform price evaluations, and beyond.

Data for AI

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Compile the most trustworthy financial investment information, discover fresh investment prospects, and conduct detailed evaluations of the companies within your portfolio.

Data for Good

We offer NGOs, NPOs, universities, and government entities complimentary access to Spaw's technological solutions.

Data Security

Keep track of viruses and malware, combat attacks exposed via the internet, deter fraud, perform penetration testing, and achieve immediate oversight of public domain activities.


Enhance underwriting accuracy and forecasting capabilities, monitor competitor policies and pricing closely, and effectively tackle insurance fraud.


Promote public health and optimize profits by performing instant price comparisons on medications, medical equipment, and surgical procedures.

Lead Generation

Focus on the ideal customers to boost sales and return on investment, while collecting trustworthy information on current leads and clients.


Boost efficiency and tailor customer experiences.

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