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Unlock Cutting-Edge Data Collection: Scalable, Real-Time Web Scraping with Unmatched Customization and Security.

JS Rendering
Render on-page javascript by simply adding &render_js=1 to your request so you don’t have to worry about using your own headless browsers.
The Proxies You Need
With our large variety of proxies, we will always make sure to select the best one for your scraping target – from simple, residential to mobile proxies.
High Performance and Scalability
Ability to handle large-scale data extraction tasks efficiently and scale resources dynamically to meet user demands.
Ease of Integration
Simple, well-documented APIs that can be easily integrated into existing applications or workflows with minimal coding required.
Robust Data Parsing and Transformation
Advanced parsing capabilities to extract data from complex HTML, JavaScript-rendered content, or multimedia. Providing tools for transforming scraped data into structured formats like JSON or CSV.
Real-Time Data Extraction
Offering real-time scraping capabilities to ensure users have access to the most current data, essential for time-sensitive applications like price monitoring.
Broad Coverage and Customization
Capability to scrape data from a wide range of websites, including those with anti-scraping measures, and customizable options to target specific data needs.
AI and Machine Learning Enhancements
Incorporating AI for smarter parsing, anomaly detection, and auto-correction to improve data quality and scraping success rates.
Advanced Anti-Blocking Techniques
Utilizing IP rotation, user-agent switching, and request throttling to mimic human browsing patterns and avoid detection and blocking by target websites.
Data Anonymity and Security
Offering secure connections and data encryption to protect user privacy and ensure the confidentiality of scraped data.
Automated Workflow Features
Features like scheduling, webhook support for real-time data delivery, and integration with popular databases or cloud storage solutions.
Affordable and Flexible Pricing Plans
Offering competitive pricing with plans that cater to different levels of usage, from small-scale projects to enterprise-level demands, ensuring cost-effectiveness.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“Hands down. Not even a close second place .... best proxy I've ever used. I went from 38% failure rate to less than 1% on extremely popular hard to scrape sites. It's like night and day! If you're hesitant .. don't be, their customer service is also top notch! Email them, ask your questions, share your concerns ... they listen .. which is a rareity in this world. for the win ... truly the best there's ever been!”

John David Dove

“Been using API for a few weeks, and it’s impressive! Setup was a breeze, the data quality is top-notch, and their customer support is responsive. Great value for the price. Highly recommend for hassle-free web scraping!”

James Wilson

“Just wrapped up a project with spaw API and wow, what a lifesaver! Super easy to use, lightning-fast scraping, and affordable. Support is on point too. Definitely my go-to for data scraping now.”

Sarah Davis

“Spaw web scraping API is a gem for web scraping. Quick setup, reliable data collection, and fantastic support. Totally worth it for anyone needing quality data fast!”

David Brown

“Love it! It turned complex data collection into a simple task. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Their customer service is also top-notch. A must-have tool for web scraping enthusiasts!”

Jessica Williams

“Exceeded my expectations! Effortless to get started, delivers accurate data quickly, and their pricing is unbeatable. Their support team is always ready to help. Highly recommended for any web scraping needs.”

Michael Smith

“Switched to spaw recently, and it's a game-changer. Simple interface, robust scraping capabilities, and the pricing fits right into our budget. The quality of service and support is outstanding. Thumbs up from me!”

Emily Johnson


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  • 10,000 successful API calls
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Rotating & Premium Proxies
  • Anti-Bot Bypassing
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Support



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  • 100,000 successful API calls
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Rotating & Premium Proxies
  • Anti-Bot Bypassing
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Support



Buy plan
  • 300,000 successful API calls
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Rotating & Premium Proxies
  • Anti-Bot Bypassing
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Support

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