Release notes

  1. New Location - Latvia 🇱🇻

    We're excited to announce the expansion of our Mobile Proxy Service with the addition of Latvia as a new location option. This update is part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive and versatile proxy solutions to meet the diverse needs of our users globally.

  2. Faster IP change!

    We've boosted our infrastructure in Poland! IP switch time has now been reduced from 30 seconds to just 3 seconds.


    • Smoother operations with rapid IP changes.
    • Enhanced efficiency for all use cases.
    • Minimized disruptions for an uninterrupted experience.

  3. Now in the UK 🇬🇧

    We're excited to announce our latest expansion! Our mobile proxies are now available in the UK, bringing localized and seamless browsing experiences to even more users. Whether you're looking for enhanced privacy, improved online security, or location-specific content access in the UK, our new proxies have got you covered. Experience the same fast, reliable, and secure connections that you've come to love from us, now with a British touch. Happy automating!

  4. spaw is out!

    Data is too important right now to ignore.